Are The Covid-19 Lockdowns Encouraging Online Gambling

With the current pandemic of coronavirus, I am sure that a lot of people are boxed in the house, without being able to step outside no matter where you are. And if you are shut inside your house for a really long time, I am sure that you will feel really bored, and I am sure that you will want to do some fun things that would get you excited. Billions of people all across the globe are currently in a locked-down because the numbers of COVID-19 patients are skyrocketing as we speak. The lockdown is indeed a boon and bane for a lot of people.

For people who have been addicted to gambling, I feel that the lockdown is a bane because they have access to the Internet and they have devices with which they can access the gambling sites and use all their hard-earned money. Gambling addiction is indeed no joke. I feel that anybody who is afflicted with gambling addiction, should contact help immediately. They should do everything they can to get themselves away from the camping sites. For some people who are addicted to gambling in a physical casino, I feel that the lockdown is a boon because they are away from their affection and there is a good chance that they could get over it in the lockdown. Well, to address the topic sentence, yes indeed, more and more people are now turning toward online gambling because of boredom, and also because of the fact that they cannot access physical casinos. The casino industry, which was once one of the most lucrative industries on the planet, is now facing a lot of stress, because people are not allowed to go to public spaces, and these places are facing a lot of losses. Countries which are dependent on tourists for a lot of money or indeed facing a lot of losses because people are simply not allowed to travel anywhere. This is where casinos are also missing out. You can see that a lot of countries where gambling is legal, they also attract a lot of tourists.


Nevertheless, some casinos have created online portals where people can access it and still gamble. The United Kingdom government has actually launched a wide-reaching inquiry which looks at people who have a problem with gambling, and these people can talk about their mental health problems as well. Gambling addiction is a form of a mental health issue, and it should be taken seriously. I feel that we can conclude by saying, the lockdown is encouraging gamblers to flock towards online casinos. If you are one of these people, you need to be on guard.

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